About Zandala Secka

Business Development Consultant & African Diaspora Repatriation Advisor

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Building Successful Businesses Since 2001

Born in the UK, Zandela spends her time between London and the Gambia. She is the owner of multiple businesses in the UK and in Africa, including a 7 figure healthcare business in England.

Business Consulting

Helping people start & grow businesses in the UK and in Africa

Africa Relocation Planning

Helping people in the Diaspora make the leap to repatriate to Africa

Conference Speaking

Helping inspire the next generation of black female leaders & entrepreneurs

7 Figure Business Owner

Zandela Secka is the owner of The AICS Group Ltd (Acquired injury care & support) which is a private sector brain injury rehabilitation provider based in London. The AICS Group provides care and support to people with physical and cognitive rehabilitation needs, in their own home or private rehabilitation facilities around the UK.

Zandela started this company in 2012 with a £6,000 investment and has since grown it to a £3,000,000 annual turnover and a fast-growing staff team of more than 130 people.

Black Weath = Black Empowerment

“My passion is to shine a light on the need for more black owned businesses in the UK & Africa. Black wealth equals black empowerment. I aim to help small business owners identify the potential within their companies in order for them to grow and create wealth within the black community. I believe starting lucrative businesses that have the potential to create generational wealth within the black community is not only essential but is very possible to achieve within this generation. I’m also very passionate about the rebuild of Africa and the countless business opportunities for development within the continent.”

"A closer look at my Mini Market in Gambia"

Zandela doesn’t hold back – in her popular YouTube channel she shows you EVERYTHING she’s up to in the Gambia. Check out this video here where she talks about how she set up one of her newest businesses in the Gambia – a local mini market.

Multiple 6 Figure Hair Salon

Zandela is a shareholder of House of Hair UK (Alternative Hair Extensions Transformation Service) in West London with her sister, Ayanda Soares. House of Hair UK is a fast growing successful company with a multiple six figure annual turnover.

Powering the next generation of entrepreneurs


Zandela Secka’s future plans include stepping out from behind her desk to become an accessible role model for young entrepreneurs who are at the start up stage of their business, and ambitious business owners who are ready to take their companies to the next level.

Zandela has an ambitious roadmap of her own – within the next 2 years she is aiming to create a startup accelerator and investment company that will offer funding to businesses that require investment to grow, both in the UK and in Africa. Her investment company will employ a team of experts within different fields to support, guide and steer these businesses in the direction of growth and wealth generation for their stakeholders.

Training Tools by Zandela

Now you can get access to the training tools & frameworks that Zandela developed for herself and her private clients, at an incredibly low price.

Personal Budget Planner

Not sure where all your money goes each month or how to manage your own budget? Let’s fix that.

Business Development Planner

Important fundamentals that all business owners need to know.

Time Management Tool

When you use this tool, it feels like there are more hours in the day to get things done – you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

Reconnect with your African roots by learning to speak Wolof

One of the best ways to get closer to a culture is to speak its language. Learning a language of your ancestors, widely spoken today across West Africa, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Zandela is passionate about helping the African Diaspora connect with the Motherland, so she offers Wolof language lessons to anyone who wants to learn.