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Business Development Call

Sometimes we all need a little support, encouragement and a point in the right direction when it comes to starting a new business or brain storming different ways to push your business to the next level.

I offer 30 minute business development advise and consultancy calls.

This service is ideal for startups and small business owners. These calls give you the opportunity to talk through your business, troubleshoot any problems or just get clarity on what needs to be done next in order to move forwards. I am passionate about the development and growth of business within the black community, so I’m looking forward to helping you.

I also offer tools that can help you to get more organised with your business goals and developments plans that will help you to look closer into the different areas of your business. 

Business Development Planner

Time Management Planning

Personal Budget Planner

Starting businesses in Africa:

There are so many opportunities to start businesses in Africa and build generational wealth, but it can feel overwhelming and confusing if you’re new to all this (I know because I was in that same situation too when I first started my first business in Gambia!). Now that I’ve started multiple businesses in Gambia, I have a good grasp of all the best opportunities out there so I’d love to help you figure out your first business in Africa and develop an action plan to bring it to life.

Repatriation Advice Call

If you are seriously considering repatriating back to The Gambia but don’t know where to start, how much money you’ll need, what location in Gambia is best for, what schools are in the area, land buying paperwork processing etc then this call will help you to create and refine a repatriation plan.

I also offer tools that can help you to get more organised with your repatriation journey and find the right services for what you need.

Repatriation Checklist

Relocation Plan

Pre-move budget plan

Post-move budget plan

Relocating to the Gambia: from buying land, to local architects building a house, to paperwork, and everything in-between! I learned the hard way so you don’t have to – book a call and I’ll share all my tips, knowledge, connections and give advice.