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Location: London / Gambia

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please do send me a message. 

Do you offer coaching?

Yes I regularly do business coaching for new entrepreneurs and small business owners. Book a 30 minute consultation with me to talk about your unique needs. 

Where are you located?

I’m currently living in London, UK. But I’m in the process of relocating fully to the Gambia so I often spend a lot of time there too. I also travel frequently to other countries for holidays with my family. 

How do I start a business in Africa?

Great question! There are lots of options and opportunities for starting a business in Africa. Book a 30 minute consultation with me and let’s chat. 

What is a Diaspora Repatration Advisor?

A Diaspora Repatriation Advisor assists people in the African Diaspora to move to Africa, typically from the UK or USA. This includes advisory services around things like buying land, getting a home built, opening businesses, starting charities, and other elements related to a new life in Africa. 

Do you speak at conferences?

Yes, I’m available to speak at conferences and events in London and overseas. Please contact me with information about your event and to request my Speakers Fee. Please note that for events outside of London, travel and accomodation costs must be covered by your event.

Can you invest in my business?

I do invest in a number of businesses each year. To be considered, please email me with details about your business and my assistant will review your request. If you make it through to the second stage, we will send you a Business Investment Application form to fill in for further information.