Win a 7 Day Luxury Holiday To Gambia

Including return flights for 2 people

7 Nights Luxury Hotel

Relax and soak up the Gambian sunshine in a fabulous luxury resort in a great location! 

Return Flights

Includes return economy flight tickets from anywhere in the world to Banjul, Gambia. 

For 2 People

Imagine surprising your partner, best friend or a family member with this trip of a lifetime!

Win the trip of a lifetime to Gambia

Let’s face it – 2020 has been an exhausting year. From COVID-19 lockdowns to police brutalities to presidential madness, and everything inbetween. 

So let’s end 2020 on a brighter note. We’re raising funds to build educational charity projects in Gambia, and thanks to some generous donations we’re able to raffle off this incredible prize: a 7 day luxury holiday to Gambia for 2, flights included! 

Raffle Ends on November 15th 2020








Are you ready to experience the Motherland?

What it lacks in size, it makes up for in sights, sounds, food, music and culture! The smallest country in mainland Africa, the Gambia is an incredible blend of rich culture and natural beauty with uncrowded sandy beaches and year long sunshine.

English is widely spoken due to it being the official language of the country, making it easy to communicate and move around.

It’s time you experienced it for yourself, don’t you think? Buy a raffle ticket to have a chance of winning a FREE 7 day trip to the Gambia, flights included!

When you buy a raffle ticket, you’re helping REBUILD AFRICA

Be part of the REBUILD AFRICA movement


There are currently 210 million black people living in the Diaspora. If just 1% of us pledged to buy a Raffle Ticket towards the rebuild of Africa Movement, this movement would contribute £420 million. Can you imagine the possibilities & opportunities that could be developed from you buying a raffle ticket here today? BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT.

When you buy a raffle ticket, you’re helping REBUILD AFRICA

Be part of the REBUILD AFRICA movement

All proceeds of this Raffle go towards funding charity projects in the Gambia, which Zandela will keep you updated on via her popular YouTube channel. So when you buy a ticket you’re not only getting a chance to WIN an amazing trip of a lifetime, you’re also helping improve the lives of people in Africa.     

Reasons you will ❤️ Gambia

Never been? Prepare to be mindblown by the Gambia’s unspoiled beaches, bustling downtown markets, and friendly people. 

50 Miles of Coastline

Want to relax in the sun? An incredible stretch of sandy uncrowded beaches awaits you.

Important History

Explore the horrors of the colonial era slave trade at a UNESCO World Heritage Site – Kunta Kinteh Island.

Music & Fun

Don’t miss the traditional drumming and dance music of the Wolof and Serer people!


The Gambia is home to 9 different tribes, all of whom live together harmoniously.

Delicious Food

Domoda is the national dish  – a rich vegetable & meat stew in a peanut sauce.

Wild Animals

540 species of birds, plus crocodiles, hippos and monkeys… don’t forget your camera!

So where exactly is Gambia?

The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa and is located on the coast of Western Africa. It’s bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, and by Senegal to the north, east, and south.

Explore Banjul, the capital

Picture yourself and your companion strolling through downtown Banjul in the warm balmy evening, absorbing the heavy scents and sounds of the city. Popular local music radiates from outdoor bars, and bright fabrics in incredible patterns create a kaleidoscope of colours in the local market.     

Beach & Pool Time!

Gorgeous natural coastline and sandy beaches await you! Gambia is a tropical paradise and the perfect place to unwind for some rest & relaxation. Forget all your worries as you sink into your sun lounger in with a cocktail under the shade of a giant palm tree…. ahhhhh. This is the life.

About Zandela

Raffle Organizer

Zandela Secka is a business consultant from the United Kingdom, who is in the process of relocating to the Gambia with her family to make a positive impact in the country through education and entrepreneurship. 

She is passionate about changing the narrative on Africa and bringing together people in the Diaspora to experience Africa. 

“The mistreatment of Black people around the world has been happening for hundreds of years. We are in the mist of a real change with the BLM movement. Finally we are starting to talk about issues around systemic racism, cooperate racism & brutality on a global scale. As black people we need to not forget about Africa and changing the narrative on Africa. We need to Help be part of the change that we want to see and REBUILDING AFRICA has to be part of that change.”

Want to follow Zandela’s work in the Gambia?

Subscribe to The Gambia Newsletter to get updates from Zandela as she builds social impact projects in the Gambia. With a mix of business and personal anecdotes, you can be sure it will brighten up your inbox!   

So how does the Raffle work?

Step 1

Buy a raffle ticket

Tip: the more you buy, the more chances you have to win!

Step 2

Tell your friends!

The more we raise for charity together, the more impact you’ll make.

Step 3

Receive email

You’ll immediately get an email with your unique Raffle Ticket Number

Step 4

Winner announced

We’ll do a live draw on our YouTube channel and email everyone too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Raffle and Prize Information

When does the Raffle end?

The final day you can buy Raffle Tickets is 11:59pm GMT on 15th November 2020

How will you be selecting the winner?

We will be putting all ticket numbers into a hat and doing a live draw on our YouTube channel : Zandela’s Journey. Check your inbox on December 30th as you’ll receive an email that day letting you know if you’ve won the Raffle.

What's included in the prize?

The prize includes return economy flights for 2 (from anywhere in the world) and 7 nights accomodation at a luxury resort. 

What is the resort name?

Either the luxury 5* hotel Balafon Hotel, Kotu OR in the breathtaking 5* hotel Tamala Hotel, Kololi.

Can I get involved in charity work while there?

Yes we’re happy to help connect you with local charities if you’d like to do some volunteer work while you are there. 

I'm in the USA, am I eligible to enter?

Yes, anyone over the age of 18 in any country is eligible to enter and win this raffle. 

When will the winner be announced?

Winners will be announced on 30th December 2020

Is the trip all inclusive?

The prize includes return economy flights for 2 plus 7 nights accommodation at a luxury resort. Food is not included, but we encourage you to explore the local cuisine which is cheap and delicious.

Note: you will be required to purchase your own travel insurance. 


If I win, can I choose my dates?

You can choose any dates within the following windows:

December 1st -18th 2020
January 4th – February 28th 2021
October 1st – November 31st 2021

How do I know this is real?

Zandela Secka is the co-founder of House of Hair UK and the owner of a 7 figure business, with appearances in the media. Follow Zandela’s popular YouTube channel documenting her experiences in the Gambia and her decision to leave the UK, with over 100k views. 

Will you provide airport transfers?

We will arrange for you to be collected at the airport in Banjul and taken to the resort, and also from the resort to Banjul airport for your departure. 

How can I donate further?

Want to support the movement with a larger donation? Thank you! Please contact