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About Me

Zandela Secka is the owner of The AICS Group Ltd (Acquired injury care & support) which is a private sector brain injury rehabilitation provider based in London. The AICS Group provides care and support to people with physical and cognitive rehabilitation needs in their own home or private rehabilitation facilities around the UK. Zandela has over twenty years’ experience in Business and the health care sector.

Zandela started her company with a close friend in 2012 with a £6,000 investment and has grown her company to a £3,000,000 annual turnover. With a fast-growing staff team of more than 130 people.

Zandela is also a shareholder of House of Hair UK (Alternative Hair Extensions Transformation Service) with her Sister Ayanda Soares. House of Hair UK is also a fast growing successful company with a multiple six figure annual turnover. 

My passion is to shine a light on the need for more black owned businesses in the UK & Africa. Black wealth equals black empowerment. I aim is to help small business owners to identifying the potential within their companies in order for them to grow and create wealth within the black community. I believe that starting lucrative businesses that have the potential to create generational wealth within the black community is not only essential but is very possible to achieve within this generation. Zandela is also very passionate about the rebuild of Africa and the countless business opportunities for development within the continent.  

Zandela’s future plans are to step out from behind her desk and become an accessible a role model for other young entrepreneurs who are either at the start up stage of their business or business owners who are ready to take their companies to the next level.  Within two years Zandela aims to create a business start-up investment company that will offer substantial investment to businesses the require investment to go from a small business to a sizeable cooperation both in the UK and in Africa. Her investment company will employ a team of experts within different fields to support, guide and steer these businesses in the direction of growth and true wealth generating.

Business Development Planner

A Planner to help you Visualise your Business and create a detailed Plan of action. This E-Book is tool to be used at the beginning stages of your business. The idea of creating a business plan is often daunting, scary and can often delay your progress, but a business plan does not need to be a lengthy 50-page document. I like to think of this planner as your first business plan that will allow you to get your idea out of your head and onto paper. This plan will help you get clear about your future business goals. The best way to get started is to first look at where you are now and where you want to be one year, two years and five years from now.

Time Management Tool

Time and Money are often the two main reasons why we delay getting Our business started. If you are starting your business alongside your full-time job it is essential that you look at managing your time in order to allocate a few hours a week towards your future business goals. This time management tool will allow you to look at every hour of your day in detail so that you can realistically allocate time towards your business.

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